Mission of college: To prepare intelligent, modern, competent professionals in demand of society with spiritual human values
Nice to meet you on the website AtyrauHumatarian college named after K.Dutbayeva. Our college is an educational institution with a history of over 85 years which trains pedagogical staff working on the territory of the republic and in the region. In our college were trained and got knowledge many well-known public figures and teachers. This website is created to provide with the necessary information about our educational institution to people who involved in educational activities. You can find information about educational work which is carried out by the staff of the college. We offer you news about the most important issues of our college. Through our site you will be able to find the answers to all questions concerning the educational work.

With the best wishes, the Director of the college Karabayeva A.S.
Karabaeva Aizhan Sarsenovna